Eklin Digital Radiology

Leader in DR and Digital Image Management Completes Largest Digital Installation in Country at Texas A&M

Santa Clara, Calif. – May 3, 2007 – Over the past five years, digital technology has been gaining significant
footholds in veterinary care medicine. Today, Eklin Medical Systems, a leader in digital radiography (DR) and
image management, announced its Eklin Digital Practice™ system has been acquired by more than 75
percent of the U.S. veterinary medical schools which are fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical
Association (AVMA). Included in this figure is Texas A&M University which recently completed installation of
the company’s largest veterinary digital practice in the country. The Texas installation included four
RapidStudy™ DR systems (small and large animal), seven workstations, two servers with Eklin Remote™
connections, and the integration of 13 DICOM devices represented by eight different third-party vendors.

“It is imperative that our patients and students have access to the best state-of-the-art technology available
in veterinary care,” said, Anne Bahr, DVM, Diplomate ACVR, Chief of Radiology, Texas A&M University,
College of Veterinary Medicine. “Our conversion to the Eklin Digital Practice has provided us with important
diagnostic, information and image management tools. We believe this leading technology allows us to greatly
enhance our tradition of excellence in patient care and medical education.”

Recently celebrating its fifth anniversary, Eklin now has in excess of 600 RapidStudy™ DR systems installed
as well as hundreds of RapidPACS picture and archiving communications systems (PACS) and VIA™ digital
information management (PIMS). Just as digital cameras have made photography more efficient by
eliminating film, and providing immediate feedback, the Eklin RapidStudy DR system provides the
veterinarian with a radiographic image that can be viewed within seconds on a high-resolution monitor without
need for film developing.

The Eklin DR system also offers sophisticated image processing tools, giving the veterinarian much greater
depth of information that can be enlarged or manipulated for far better detail. Eklin offers either a 9”x11”
sensor panel or the industry’s only full-size 14”x17” sensor panel. Images can be stored and archived for
future evaluation using the Eklin PACS which is based on DICOM standards used by hospitals and clinics
around the world. In addition, medical records, lab results, billing, financial statements and other pertinent
patient or practice information is available with Eklin’s VIA PIMS.

“We have installed DR, PACS and PIMS in small private practices, zoos, world renowned equine facilities and,
now, most of the major North American veterinary medical schools,” said Gary R. Cantu, president and CEO,
Eklin . “Last fall we sold and installed the first Eklin Digital Repository™ at Keeneland, the world’s largest
Thoroughbred auction facility. With further advances in digital technology, we will continue to push the
envelope, bringing even greater solutions to veterinary practices in support of excellent patient care.”

Eklin Digital Practice systems have been purchased by the majority of veterinary medical schools in North
America. In addition to Texas A&M University, these include Auburn, Colorado State, Iowa State, Kansas
State, Louisiana State, University of Pennsylvania, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Oklahoma State,
Purdue, University of California-Davis, University of Guelph, University of Florida, University of Illinois,
University of Missouri, University of Minnesota,
University of Tennessee, Washington State, University of
Wisconsin-Madison and Virginia Tech. Others installations are currently pending.

About Eklin Medical Systems, Inc.

With hundreds of systems installed in private practices, universities and zoos, Eklin Medical Systems, Inc. is
one of the world’s leading providers of veterinary PACS and digital radiography products. The company
focuses on applications where speed, portability, and increased practice efficiency are critically important.
Eklin is a privately-held company headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For further information visit http://www.
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