Membership Rewards Cardholder Page
Our Wellness Rewards Membership is a proactive approach to rewarding pet owners for
giving their pets the best chance to live a long and healthy life. We have developed a
rewarding membership plan that will make it easier on your budget and support a greater
cause at the same time.
Membership Benefits:
  • Instant Rewards of 10% cash back that will be loaded automatically on your membership card with
    every purchase and can be used like real money towards future services.
  • With every dollar you spend at White House Animal Hospital we will donate 2% of the total bill to
    the Veterinary Care Foundation. This is done with complete transparency and accountability
    through our membership platform.
  • Two examinations (illness or wellness) and two nail trimming services every year. A $130.00 value!
  • Many other exclusive benefits that members will get throughout the year.
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Care Foundation
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