Medication Info
Prescription Request
Prescription Request
Prescriptions are filled from
our "in house" pharmacy from
FDA approved and Veterinary
prescribed products.

We offer convenient pickup
from our office or we will
gladly ship your medication
directly to your door!
We must have a current
Patient relationship with you
and your pet family member.
A current relationship
means that we must have
seen your pet in our office
within the last 6 months
minimum and prescribed
the medication that your are
requesting.  In all cases the
prescribed medication
request will be reviewed by
the prescribing Veterinarian
to see if a refill is indicated.
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Your Pet's Name:
Medication Requested:
Veterinarian Name:
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New Products:
Comfortis a once-a-month flea pill.  Call 615-672-0357 for more info.