Rabies Clinic information

Each year Sumner county Veterinarians sponsor a rabies
vaccination clinic to provide a low cost solution to
comply with the rabies vaccination requirements for pets
in the State of Tennessee.  We provide a convenient
Drive-Thru vaccination procedure that saves you time
and money.  This year we are also offering discounts on
by appointment April 1st -  April 30th if you don't
want to wait in line on Saturday.
In-Clinic vaccination prices?

Drive-Thru vaccination prices?
If you have a dog or cat that is 6 months or older you
must have a rabies vaccination.  This is a state law and is
due to the high incidence of rabies in the wildlife within
this state.  This provides the best protection for your
family and pets.  Rabies is a viral infection that affects the
nervous system of the infected host. Animals infected
with the rabies virus usually always  die but present a
potential for the spread to humans.

In humans rabies is nearly 100% fatal so it is very
important to prevent the disease in our pets so that we
are less likely to be exposed.

Our Drive-Thru clinics this year are as follows:

Saturday April 21                 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Saturday April 28                 8:00AM - 1:00PM

All clinics will be held at:
White House Animal Hospital
2950 Hwy 31-W, White House, Tennessee.  
Just drive through and get your pet vaccinated.
Remember that your pet will not receive a physical examination with
the vaccination given at the Rabies Clinic.  It is important for the
longevity of your pet and for the protection of your family to get a
minimum yearly health examination including an intestinal parasite
test and a heartworm test.  Please call us for an appointment so that
we may provide your pet with the best in health care.