Services We Provide (a cut above the rest)
Routine physical examinations and vaccinations Your pet should be examined
by one of our Veterinarians at least once a year to maintain minimal health.  For pets
over 6 years this needs to be more frequent.  For new additions to your pet family we will
advise you about the frequency of examinations and vaccinations.  Remember,  having
your pet examined yearly would be like you going to your physician once every 7 years.
Because pets age more quickly than we do their health conditions can change more
Complete and comprehensive "in House" Laboratory:  We have the most
advanced and up-to-date laboratory equipment that can provide a "window" into your
animal's overall health. This gives our Veterinarians an advantage and capability to
diagnose the problems faced by your pet.
Digital Radiography and Ultrasound equipment   We have the latest "High
Frequency" x-ray technology that provides better quality x-rays to help our Veterinarians
more accurately diagnose your pet's condition. Our digital x-ray equipment provides the
most advanced diagnostics available in this area.  We use the same digital equipment
found in 75% of the Veterinary Schools in the country including the University of
Tennessee.  You can find out more about our new Eklin Digital Radiography System here.
Our Ultrasound capability can provide a diagnostic tool for soft tissue problems that x-rays
may not see.
Comprehensive Surgical Center for your animals ( we do more than just
spays and neuters)
Computerized Anesthesia and Respirator capability   We realize that anesthesia
for your pet can be risky!  What separates us from the rest is the quality and care we take
with this potentially dangerous procedure.  Our advanced anesthetic equipment delivers
anesthetic gas to your pet through a computer calculated oxygen rich delivery system.  In
other words; it breathes for your pet while it is asleep in surgery!  This minimizes the
risk associated with anesthesia.
Surgical Monitoring Equipment  We carefully monitor your pet while in surgery.  Our
equipment provides heart, respiratory, blood pressure, oxygen, and body temperature
monitoring throughout the surgical procedure.
Dental care for your dog, cat or horse.  Did you know that dental disease in your
pet may shorten it's life by 2-3 years?  Our expert Animal Health Technicians perform
daily ultrasonic teeth scaling and polishing to keep your pet healthy and provide them
with a pain free long life.
Emergency and after hours care for your pet  We treat all emergencies on a
priority basis and are a member of the Rivergate Pet Emergency Clinic for after hours
emergency care for your pet.  
After hours emergencies call 672-0357 or 859-3778.
Grooming for your pet Our groomer Catherine has over 30 years experience grooming
pets.  She provides patient thorough hair care for your pet.  We also provide bathing
services for your dog or cat.  Just call for an appointment to have your pet groomed or
Boarding Services  We have 23 indoor heated and air conditioned dog runs and a
large outdoor exercise facility for your dog. We also have a 1.5acre grass exercise area
that we use to handwalk your dog while being boarded.  Just remember to ask for daily
handwalks or just sign your dog up for our VIP package that includes 3 daily handwalks
and a bath before the pet goes home.  For your cat we have comfortable and cozy
cages.  We offer daily hand walking and exercise/play time for all pets.
Low Level Laser Therapy  We have recently acquired laser equipment frequently
referred to as "Cold Laser" that can provide many benefits to all pets. Click here to learn
more about this revolutionary drug free treatment that can speed healing, decrease pain,
reduce inflammation, and make your pet feel better !