Comprehensive Surgical Center

From simple procedures to highly complex

No matter how minor or major the surgery, you want a surgical team that approaches every procedure with the same careful preparation and meticulous attention to detail. We can refer you to surgical specialists who do precisely that, and who give you the peace of mind of knowing your pet is in the hands of a proven professional using advanced surgical procedures.

Pets requiring surgery will receive pre-operative blood work and diagnostic screening as necessary. They will also receive pain medication before, during and after surgery to keep them feeling as comfortable as possible.

Surgical Monitoring

We realize that anesthesia for your pet can be risky. What separates us from the rest is the quality and care we take with this potentially dangerous procedure. Our advanced anesthetic equipment delivers anesthetic gas to your pet through a computer calculated oxygen rich delivery system. In other words, it breathes for your pet while it is asleep in surgery! This minimizes the risk associated with anesthesia.

We carefully monitor your pet while in surgery. Our equipment provides heart, respiratory, blood pressure, oxygen, and body temperature monitoring throughout the surgical procedure.